Company Profile — JSC RTECH-NO

JSC RTECH-NO conducts its activities under the License No. 1397-PO dated October 04, 2016. The Company has employed the best scientific and design experts in Russia for development of weapon with electrical stopping device. Research and development works are being implemented continuously and patents for new designs and innovations are registered.
As of now, the first in the Company’s product line original and second-to-none model of the remote-contact electric-shock weapon GARD is developed. The required procedures of certification for compliance to the requirements of OST 78.01.0009−2002 (Test Certificate SSST No. 2st-4/2016 issued by the Federal State R&D Institution of the Ministry of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs) are completed and mass production of this model is started.
Focus area of the Company is development and production of contact-remote electroshock devices and other types of non-lethal action means as the most effective and the safest weapon in the world. It is not an overstatement to say that the Company is one of the leaders in this area and continues to gain ground.



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