RTECH-NO is an innovative scientific and production company engaged in designing, producing and selling remote electroshock devices operating under weapon manufacturing license. RTECH-NO enterprise has gathered Russia’s best scientific design bureau personnel to design electroshock weapon.

The result of inventive and design-driven work is original models of a remote electroshock non-military self-defense weapon, the first in the product line.

A modern high-technology non-lethal personal defense gadget.

The situation on the world markets have demonstrated that GARD is one of the most promising and dynamically developing weapon on the market with an American company ‘Taser International Inc.’ as a leader.

RTECH-NO is aimed at a long-term cooperation with its clients. After the launch of batch manufacturing and selling the buyer is guaranteed to get advisory services from company’s experts. GARD electroshoskers might also be modernized for the Nothern regions in the future.

RTECH-NO also cooperates with private security detective organizations and official organizations.

At the moment RTECH-NO focuses on the production of GARD for law enforcement and security service agencies.

RTECH-NO plans to become a leader on the national market among the producers of personal defense gadgets.



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